catherine rossmann

Catherine Rossmann,

Legal Executive, Dip. L.S.


Catherine Rossmann, Dip L.s. has been with the firm 27 years and has extensive experience in speciality areas in Debt Collection to include issuing proceedings in the District, Circuit and High Court, obtaining Judgments, enforcing Judgments and where circumstances allow obtaining Garnishee Orders, Mareva Injunction and dealing with bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings against debtors.

Catherine also deals with Licensing to include the obtain and renew of Dance Licences, Restaurant Certs, Club Licences, Wine Off and On Licences and all aspects in relation to the Licensing Trade ie. Obtaining exemptions to extend licensing times, Ad Interim and confirmation of Transfer of Licences, Circuit Court Applications for new publican’s licence or to revive lapsed existing licences. Our Licensing Team can look after all your Licensing needs.