Business ViewFull Rent and Insure (FRI ) Lease Agreements are standard in most rented commercial premises nowadays. However, not all commercial leases are identical, anymore than the properties themselves or the parties involved. Therefore, each lease should be separately negotiated so that the interests of the client, whether they are the Landlord or the Tenant are safeguarded.

We bring a specialist expertise guiding the client through the complexities of Commercial Leasing.

We pay particular attention to the protection of rental income, taxation, rates, insurance, repairs, inspection and eviction.

In these very uncertain times, we recognise the need for a Landlord to regain control of the premises as quickly as possible where a tenant defaults on its obligations. We offer advice on forfeiture which can allow a Landlord regain control of the premises almost immediately without the need for lengthy and expensive proceedings before the Courts.

Again, we also offer expert advice to potential commercial tenants seeking to lease a business premises. We offer our services to negotiate with Landlords on the tenant’s behalf to ensure the client tenant reaches a suitable leasing arrangement while protecting their interests, all at a reasonable cost. We offer advice on the liability to the client tenant in what can sometimes be quite onerous terms and conditions.

Typical areas of enquiry include:
  • Long and short term leases
  • Sub-Lettings
  • Rent Negotiations
  • Assignments
  • Licenses
  • Licenses to assign/sublease/alterations
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes

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