The implications of a criminal conviction no matter how trivial the offence can be quite far reaching and have serious consequence for a person’s reputation. At a simplistic level, job applications or immigration visas can be turned down while at the more serious end, massive fines, driving disqualifications and perhaps terms of imprisonment are a significant risk.

At Coughlan White & Partners, we provide in-depth professional advice and representation for criminal litigation of all kinds ranging from everyday road traffic offences in the District Court to serious charges on indictment before the Circuit and Central Criminal Courts.

We provide criminal legal representation privately or on assignment through the means tested Criminal Legal Aid scheme providing for Court appearances and client consultation whether in custody or not. Consultations can also be arranged where persons have been arrested and detained by the Gardai in their investigations prior to charge.

Legal advice is absolutely essential when a person is faced with a potential criminal charge and an appearance before a court. At Coughlan White & Partners we ensure that the nature and circumstances of each particular criminal case is thoroughly explained and dealt within strict confidence to enable all clients to make proper decisions on how to proceed with a view to bringing about a quick and stress-free solution.

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